Master Pastelist of Pastel Society of America,   Exec. Comm. of PSA Board of Governors, Master Circle member IAPS, Signature Member of CT Pastel Society,

Represented in the permanent collections of The National Arts Club, NYC, and Mercer County Arts Council, NJ

 _________________________________________*Third Place PJ Pastel 100 2019

*Honorary Mention, PJ Pastel 100  2018     

*Finalist , Artist's Magazine 2018

*Juror, Abstracts, PJ Pastel 100 Competition, *Award for Modernism, PSA Annual 2017

*Invited artist, Pastel Assn of Taiwan, Taipei 2017 

*N.H. Pastel Soc. Award, CT Pastel Society Renaissance national 2017

*Catherine L. Wolfe award, CT Pastel Soc. Renaissance national 2016

*Fifth Place, Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 competition 2016

*Holbein Award, PSA Annual 2016

*Bronze Award--Abstract, Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 competition 2015

*Honor Award--CT Pastel Soc. Renaissance national 2015

*Chicago Pastel Painters award, PSA Annual 2015

*Townsend/UART. Pastel Painters Soc of Cape Cod national 2015 and 2016

*Juried Exhibitor, 2015 IAPS Web Show

*Fifth Place, Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 competition 2014

*Dakota Art award, CT Pastel Soc  Renaissance national 2014

*Pastel Soc. of Tampa Bay award. PSA Annual 2014

*Finalist, Abstract/Experimental category, Artist's Magazine 31st Annual Competition 2014

*Invited artist, Pastel Assn of Taiwan, Taipei 2015

*First Place/Abstract, Pastel Journal,  Pastel 100 competition 2013

*Juried Exhibitor, PSA Annual 2013

*First Place/Pastels, Cape Cod Art Assn. The National, 2013

*Award--Pastel Soc. of Maine. Pastel Painters Soc. of Cape Cod, national 2013

*First Place/Pastels, and People's Choice, Cape Cod Art Assn. Breath of Spring 2013​

*Juried Exhibitor, IAPS Web Show 2013

*Juried Exhibitor, PSA Annual 2012

*Juried Exhibitor, Pastel Painters Soc. of Cape Cod, national 2012

*Fourth Place Abstract, Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 Competition 2012

​​*Honorable Mention Abstract, Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 Competition, 2005​

*Juried Exhibitor, Mall Galleries, London, Pastel Society UK (British Fed. of Artists) 2004